Supernifty Projects
tune your ukulele Audio Tuner
free software to tune your guitar, ukulele or other instrument to pitch perfect accuracy.
tune your ukulele or guitar with your mobile phone Audio Tuner Mobile
tune your musical instrument using your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java mobile, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android handset.
learn to play or sing along Playalong
Learn a new song on your guitar or ukulele with chords, lyrics, audio and video!

find that guitar or ukulele chord Chord Finder
find that elusive Guitar or Ukulele chord, then hear how it should sound.

speed scrabble Speed Scrabble
play this fast and fun online word game - race the clock or your opponents to connect your letters.

crossword solver Crossword Puzzle Solver
a searchable offline dictionary, great for solving crosswords and other word puzzles such as anagrams.

celebrity bmi calculator BMI Calculator
calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), compare yourself to your favourite celebrity and find celebrities shaped like you.

pulse calculator Heart Rate Calculator
calculate your heart rate, see if you're in the healthy range, and compare to others in your age, gender and country.

track your life Hourly Tracker
a free web application for you to record and analyze how you spend your time.

MemShot - spaced repetition memory training MemShot
memorize things quickly and efficiently with Supernifty's Flashcard and Spaced Repetition based learning system.

track your website rank Website Ranking
track your web site's popularity and world ranking.

Google Docs Backup Google Docs Backup
backup your Google Docs documents to Dropbox.

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Supernifty News
WordNerd for web
Word Nerd, Supernifty’s crossword solver, is now available as a web application. Try it out at Word Nerd. No installation required. Available on both desktop and mobile. On first visit, a substantial download is required (approximately 30Mb), but with browser caching, subsequent visits are fast to start up. As with the installable version of Word […]

Estimating the value of Pi with Archimedes
Archimedes lived from 282 BC to 212 BC. He made many contributions to mathematics, engineering, physics, and astronomy. He invented an interesting method of estimating Pi. He noticed that you can calculate a lower and upper bound for the ratio between the radius squared, and the area of a circle, which can estimate the value […]

Top 500 songs of all time by Magic 1278
Magic recently completed their listener survey for the top 500 songs of all time, and Supernifty has put together a web page for exploring the countdown. There were big changes from the last survey of 2012, with over 200 new entries in the list. There has been a shift in the radio station’s playlist since […]

Compare tennis players across eras
It’s always been difficult to compare tennis players from different generations – not any more! Now you can compare tennis players by looking at how many grand slam titles they have won over their careers. How does Pete Sampras compare to Rafael Nadal? Can Novak Djokovic match Roger Federer’s career? Who’s better, Steffi Graf or […]

Online Regular Expression Tester
Supernifty has made available an online regular expression tester. Of course, there are already numerous online regex testers available but in our defence, this one is fast, free, simple and easy to use. Also, regular expressions are seriously cool; if you don’t already know them, you really should. We have plans for more regular expression […]

Book Review – Confessions of a Public Speaker
Confessions of a Public Speaker provides a glimpse into the world of public speaker Scott Berkun. This relatively short book consists of a series of amusing public speaking related anecdotes – typically some unpleasant event personally experienced by Scott – followed by some advice on how to prevent said unpleasant experience from happening to you. […]

MemShot is moving to
MemShot has a new home. We have spun out MemShot to its own website: All learning sets remain unchanged and in general, everything will work exactly as before. What you need to do If you normally sign in to Supernifty with your email and password, you don’t need to do anything. Head over to […]

Book Review – Graph Databases
Graph Databases provides a concise introduction to this particular alternative to the relational database. Having lots of experience with relational databases and very little experience with graph databases, I found this book to be an interesting read. The book effectively describes the weaknesses of relational databases and explains how graph databases address these weaknesses. After […]

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