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Solve crosswords with your iPhone

Word Nerd provides a fully searchable, offline dictionary, containing famous people, landmarks, historical events and cities, in addition to the usual word definitions.

Word Nerd is an essential tool to always have handy to finish off that last crossword clue, or tricky word puzzle.


  • Fully searchable, offline dictionary with over 140,000 words and 200,000 definitions
  • Search for specific words using wildcards, e.g. w?rd gives word, ward, etc. Perfect for crosswords.
  • Find anagrams - you can even use wildcards if required, e.g. h?rse to get horse, fresh, share shire
  • Search definitions to find synonyms and related words e.g. flood returns ark, deluge, rain, torrent.

To download Word Nerd to your iPhone, or learn more, click below to visit the app store.


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