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Adding a user

  • htpasswd -m auth_file username

Tagging a version

  • Use SVN copy
svn copy -m "tagging release x.xx"

Branching and merging

  • Create branch with svn copy
svn copy -m "branch for issue bbb"
  • Either checkout the branch or switch to it
svn checkout
cd trunk-directory
svn switch
  • Make changes, commit, etc
  • Merge branch back to trunk

Find the revision when the branch was created

svn log --verbose --stop-on-copy

Get the revision number nnn to use below

Merge to trunk

cd trunk-directory
svn update

Note the trunk revision mmm

svn merge -r nnn:HEAD # merges changes made to branch from nnn to head, to cwd
svn status # see what happened

Check that everything worked.

svn commit -m "Merged issue bbb rnnn:mmm into trunk"


Merging further changes

If further changes are made on the branch that need to be merged, you need that revision mmm from before.

cd trunk-directory
svn log # to get mmm
svn update
svn merge -r mmm:HEAD

Switching to the branch

To turn the working copy into the branch

cd trunk-directory
svn switch

To merge trunk changes into branch

What revision created the branch?

svn log --verbose --stop-on-copy
cd branch-directory
svn merge -r nnn:HEAD