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Play along on the iPhone

Play Along offers an easy way to learn a new song on the guitar or ukulele, by providing the chords and lyrics to a song, while keeping you in time with the timing of the original song.

It's the easiest way to learn a new song properly, or play along to an old favorite.


  • Speed up or slow down the speed as desired,
  • Easily transpose to any key.
  • Easy to use chord finder - never forget another chord again
  • Listen to how chords should sound to verify that you're playing it correctly.
  • Download new songs to expand your songbook
  • Join the online community and create and share your own songs.

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Release History

Version 1.2 6-jul-09

  • Smoother chord transitions

Version 1.1 2-jun-09

  • Real guitar chord sounds!
  • Much improved playalong experience
  • Count-in to help with song timing
  • Easier to see when new songs are available

Version 1.0 25-Apr-09

  • Initial release


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