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Audio Tuner on the iPhone

Quickly and easily tune just about any musical instrument to perfect pitch.

Audio Tuner provides

  • a full spectrum analysis,
  • a pitch pipe,
  • built-in tunings for many musical instruments.

Simply play your musical instrument into the microphone to find out if it is flat or sharp, then use the tone generator to confirm the note.

Supported instruments include (all supported tunings)

  • guitar,
  • ukulele,
  • violin,
  • piano,
  • bass guitar,
  • banjo,
  • mandolin,
  • autoharp and
  • cello.


  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Note that the spectrum analysis is not available on iPod Touch 1st generation devices.


  • Select the instrument you wish to tune
  • Select the string or note you wish to tune
  • Play the note into your microphone and look for the peak on the spectrum.
  • Adjust your instrument so the peak matches the target
  • To hear what the note should sound like, turn "Hear Note" on.

You can also see a video tutorial (low quality).


Please contact us if you have any issues or suggestions.

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Release History

29-sep-13 Version 2.1

  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • Concert pitch option
  • Other general fixes

17-mar-11 Version 2.0

  • iPad compatibility
  • new tunings for banjo, lute and viola
  • upgraded look and feel

6-jul-09 Version 1.3

  • Improved playback volume

16-apr-09 Version 1.2

  • Improved handling of lower frequencies

17-mar-09 Version 1.1

  • Gestures - slide spectrum, zoom in/out with pinch, flick for next note, double tap to reset view
  • New guitar tunings
  • Chapman stick tunings
  • Mountain dulcimer tunings
  • Capacity to choose from the list of available notes

28-feb-09 Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Development Status

Audio Tuner for iPhone and iPod Touch is available on iTunes


iTunes is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don’t steal music.