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Quick start

  • Audio Tuner installs shortcuts to your desktop and your Start menu. After running the installer, look for the shortcuts here to start it up.
  • The Signal Strength shows the volume of the incoming signal, the lower red line shows the frequency spectrum.
  • Make a loud noise in your microphone or on your plugged in musical instrument, and the signal strength should jump. If not, check your microphone settings.
  • Click the instrument you would like to tune, then the note.
  • Play your instrument into the microphone, and you should get a peak on the spectrum showing your instrument's frequency.
  • If the peak is to the left of the vertical green line, the note is flat (too low). If the peak is to the right of the line, the note is sharp (too high).
  • Adjust your instrument until the peak matches the target note, in line with the vertical green line. At this point your instrument is in tune.
  • If you'd like to further tweak the accuracy, click "Use High Resolution". This is recommended when tuning lower pitch notes.
  • It may help to hear the note you are tuning to. Click "Listen to target note" to do so.
  • If you can't find a peak, perhaps your instrument is too far away from the target note to show up. Use the advanced feature to show a full frequency spectrum.


Common Problems

No signal


  • If you tap your microphone or yell at the top of your voice, the signal strength doesn't change, and if you Show Signal, the yellow line remains flat.


  • Does your microphone work on other applications?
  • Test your microphone by starting up Sound Recorder at Start->All Programs->Accessories->Entertainment
  • Record something and play it back. Can you hear it?
  • If not, try turning up the microphone volume.
    • In Sound Recorder, click Edit->Audio Properties.
    • Click Volume inside the Sound Recording box.
    • Make sure Microphone is selected, and the volume is up high

Interference and false peaks


  • The frequency spectrum keeps showing a peak at 50hz, 120hz, or some other unexpected frequency.


  • AC current alternates at 50 or 60hz which is the cause of this peak. We are surrounded by electronic devices which emit various low level frequencies.

This can interfere with the tuning process, particularly at lower frequencies.


  • If you have a jack out of your musical instrument, connect it directly to your computer.
  • Keep your microphone as far away from the computer as possible and position your musical instrument close to the microphone.
  • Try to ignore the constant spikes: you should still be able to get a secondary peak from your musical instrument.

Errors Occurred; Errno 13


  • When starting the application, an error mentioning "Errno 13" and "gui.exe.log" appears.


  • Audio Tuner's configuration settings have been corrupted, perhaps by an unexpected shutdown.


  • Delete (or rename) AudioTuner's configuration file. Its location depends on what version of Windows you are running.
    • Windows 7: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\AudioTuner\config.ini
    • Windows Vista: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\AudioTuner\config.ini
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\AudioTuner\config.ini
  • Remove this file and then try Audio Tuner again.


If you can't solve your problem. First ensure you have the latest version. Click Help->Check for updates.

If you're still having problems, please contact me. Please provide as much info as possible about your system configuration, what precisely went wrong, and any error messages encountered.

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